Monday, November 13, 2006

Reader feedback for project's first segment + party naked

Quick n dirty regarding the six minute segment:

- treatment works with interview footage so far; the transitional scripts more support vs distract;

- humor compliments the subject's experience (vs undermines it which concerned me at first;

- possibly (from interviewee Kelly directly) the clips on change were too long;

- adjust camera/interviewee angle so her gaze crosses the expanse of the screen vs the right-flush edge;

- dance on tables naked with Sean...doh!...that's not for this blog! So I've been working a deadline for my husband's home movie, a gift from me for our anniversary. It's been about 40 hours in four days with this and other freelance projects. All of which have been fantastically needed experiments in editing.

Color me loopy!

Hope all is well with you.