Sunday, November 12, 2006

Interview pipeline brushes with Hotmail & Reinventing Television (+ an emergence)

Project news (excellent!):
Interviews are in the works with DCWW's technical officer, a guy in California & his wife (he used to work with Sabeer Bhatia that founded, a software engineer - a girl geek - with her husband, and potentially new media/techi buff Jonny Goldstein (Jonny also hosts Reinventing Television online).

This interview pipeline creates an addictive momentum!

Chief Geek: making my man's anniversary present
What a blast it's been making a home movie for my husband (& it's not too saucy either!). I'm experimenting with voiceover, exporting audio, increased photo imports.

What's that? Hear it? ...ahh, the sweet sound of technical fear morphing into confidence.