Wednesday, November 01, 2006

One more time...: revised audio for trailer 4 (Scobleizers)

Thanks to folks for feedback, esp on the audio.

I altered some clips just now but with the YouTube conversion, the volume still isn't the sexiest. One friend, Jen, said the intended format of the trailer was unclear e.g. 'is it a music video or an actual project trailer?'

Good point. So I've suppressed my crush on the song; it now fades out completely after the end credits.

Alexander Blu & Living with Geeks

Can we give the World Wide Web a world wide hug?

-Received my first email from the former Yugoslavia today from musician Alexander Blu, who offered feedback on the recent trailer (& permitted use of his music).

...wonder if he's ever heard of Walters, Oklahoma - town of 2,500 - my childhood anchor at the holidays complete w/ Grandma's mega watt rum punch. Thanks to the Net for making this connection!

Whatta a splendid day.

Trailer 4: minor edits to Scoble segment

Have a good day (& crazed novel writers per NaNoWriMo, get crackin'!).

It's a great thing when folks - geeks & non-geeks alike - see the love they've got.