Monday, October 30, 2006

Coming soon: weekly vodcasts with geek couples (& DCWW kicks male-geek stereotype)

This week, I attend DCWW's steering committee meeting e.g. DC Web Women to pitch the project to a larger tech crowd. Wouldn't it be great to interview female-geeks with their non-geek mates?! That's a less common dynamic.

DCWW really appeals to the project's goal since it defies the pervasive stereotype that IT only attracts men. I'd like to learn hard stats on that gender issue.

As for eventual publishing goals, the interview pipeline will achieve a weekly podcast or vodcast goal by at least February.

In the meantime, I'm editing footage on three interviews for podcasts and maybe via vlog. The content in many cases is so sincere (a favorite is when one woman, Kelly, said she wrote a love how-to guide for her network engineer spouse).

That same woman interviews again along with her geek Nov 9th.

We're gettin' there.

November is national novel writing month: vlogging meets NaNoWriMo

I'm in.

I'm doing it. And this year I'm vlogging my attempt!

It's time to fearlessly write a novel in one month. Heck why not November?! What the ^%&*!, you gest? The folks at NaNoWriMo can set you straight for free, complete with self-motivation tips & how to sign-up.

Do it.

Remember nothing can stop us novel writing wannabes, not fear, not pumpkin pie, not writer's block. Let your brain drum up some characters & some kind of plot wrapped in 50k words by November 30th at midnight. And then we'll cross this off our lives' must-do list.

Ze Frank talks computer-geek smack

-Laughed out load at Ze Frank's blinkless attempt at computer-geek lingo: