Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Documentary on Spielberg now in production (& a big, big dream)

A documentary on Spielberg's career, heavily based on interviews with The Big S himself, forecasts a 2007 release.

...wonder if Spielberg & his wife would ever, EVER consider interviewing for the project?! He is after all the maestro-geek of computer graphics. Gotta dream big!

Geeks & non-geeks welcome: Podtech to honor vlogosphere with Vloggies

Richard Hall just might win...

at Podtech's event next week: THE VLOGGIES!

Check out this year's nominees (& Richard Hall's competition). -Great ideas & diversity as deep as the web itself.

This past week, I've been forcing the Scoble interview to be an independent segment for the project -- when there's just not enough there to do the Scobles or the storyline justice. So instead, some of the footage will be cut into a promo piece ( better explain the project to prospective interviewees).