Thursday, October 19, 2006

Maryam & Robert Scoble interview: the boss, budget, & third character in their marriage

...a symbol for the Scoble interview.

And possibly I've reached overkill on ConvergeSouth's banana pudding served so yummily, divinely, graciously at David Hoggard's home.

I'm a new gal 'cuz of it.

But here's the thing: when making the rush log for the Scobles' interview this week, it's clear how much joy, and I mean joy, that stuff brought Robert Scoble. And Maryam. And me.

Despite the Scoble interview being a blast, in auditing it these few days -- it's also revealed how I could better handle my next interview (either with them or anyone else).


-Keep questions short; suppress prefacing
-make the interviewees feel at ease & natural but don't over affiliate to the point your (my) remarks interfere with the continuity of their replies.
-don't interrupt
-fearlessly ask 'why'

Despite the imperfect direction during the whole thing, the Scoble footage reveals four core, usable subjects for the video cast:

a) their shared affection -- it comes across as a third character in their relationship e.g. him, her, & the fondness expressed in their smiles. So it sounds like a soupy romance novel. I'm tellin' ya, the truth shines through;
b) who the boss is;
c) if they do or do not stay within their tech-gadget family budget;
d) banana pudding

I like their company logo; is it ok to use it briefly during a clip transition?
...shall ponder and research. Using head-shots, images, facts on their blogs appeal to me for introducing them before each subject-driven clip.

The first cut of their interview footage will include three, main transition dividers: HE (with Robert's photo, # of Scobleizer blog hits daily or monthly or such data); SHE (Maryam's photo, her crowning day as a featured MSN Spaces blogger); and THEY (their hugging, their company logo...transitioning to the core relationship topics of what it's like living with King Geek e.g. the Scobleizer).