Sunday, October 15, 2006

Good peeps merge at ConvergeSouth e.g. Blogger Bonanza + Banana Pudding

Just returned to DC after ConvergeSouth.

Vlog forthcoming...

Enthusiasm. Warmth. Brain Power. Contagious confidence. Sincerity. Banana "Oh God it's good" Pudding. And I went nuts & asked the keynote speaker sitting just behind me to say 'hi' on camera to my husband back in DC.

...& keynote Elizabeth Edwards kindly agreed!

It was all there plus:

-- Keynote Elizabeth Edwards gave useful remarks on valuing & creating communities (on or beyond the blogosphere).

Sue Polinsky, Fearless Geek Goddess, was fantastic in pulling the conference off. She took time to be with folks during what must have been crazy times on Friday e.g. shared her home for a Digital Diva session amidst pre-conference stuff, the missing Scobles (delayed in Chicago but successfully appeared in the nick of time), & her recouping husband.

Robert and Maryam Scoble were generous with their time and ideas --- let alone effective (and happy!) presenters at making a killer blog. Thanks Xarker for the notes.

Maryam Scoble really got me thinking on alternate tacts for the film project - fireside at David Hoggard's home over banana pudding Friday night.

--Can't sleep from dreamin' on that pudding.

She & other wonderful folks shared their insight & good humor:
Billy 'Wise Poet' Jones at Street Planes, Donna Fryer at Search It Right, Ed Cone, Andrew Lunde at What Is Viable, James Harris at Elementalinteractive, Filmmaker Andrew Coon...

taking action on lessons learned & exchanged ideas;
staying in contact w/ ConvergeSouthies;