Friday, October 06, 2006

Footage beckons

The conference is next week; and most of my attention has been to prep -- print project biz cards, reach-out to some attendees pre-ConvergeSouth (& hopefully even stimulate interest in potential film interviews).

I have missed working with recent film footage & plan to cut at least a teaser trailer before Wednesday, Day of ConvergeSouth Travels...

The 'Just Do It' Conversation (& DC Media Makers)

Local media collection-of-thinkers DC Media Makers has got a bright idea (the group is new as in fresh-off-press new for DC):

Carl Weaver
Andy Carvin
Jonny Goldstein

--just moved from Beantown to the District. They had good luck with Boston's version of the group & wanted to spread the good news here. The concept: if you're DIY with anything media, you can brainstorm or network or showcase one's media project or all three (& more) with like-minded professionals or just media-minded passionate folk (pod/videocasters welcome). Food will be involved some how.

I'm in!

Any metro-accessible ideas on where to convene? Email Jonny Goldstein


It's addictive being around 'Just Do It' people -- who do 'their cool thing', who manifest their pet 'idea' because they just desire to make it happen. Sure, they may want to make millions in the process but from what I see lately, that's not a driving force with the 'Just Do It' attitude.

I savor that current larger-than-life conversation you hear so many contributing to: ...about cool concepts being emerged by folks who grab their bootstraps & run.

As an emerging filmmaker, there's no way to avoid learning & growing & being engaged by this modern-day conversation of which ideas are hip & worth our brain cells. As much as I want to lock myself in a room for 6 months & cut film, I even more so want to toss my project around in imperfect form if needed with people jazzed about telling stories and/or the tools that can let those stories out.

More on the influence of this hopefully unstoppable 'conversation' here by Scobleizer (includes a potent take on advertisers too & how they can miss the point).