Monday, October 02, 2006

Vint Cerf + geek v dork v nerd + project intro

Kerry, spouse of ASEE's IT Manager and Saturday's project interview, said her husband just met Vint Cerf, the mastermind who helped bring the Internet to the world. Big, big brain. This was A HUGE DAY for her computer-geek spouse. --Can't wait to see that segment of footage.

I really liked Kerry's interview & the setting-up process. It was my first time interviewing outdoors. Her backyard was an apt place to find an appealing visual context for us set-up. WHAT WON OUT: a wooden chair placed in front of pink/purple/gold flowers under a draping willow tree.

Side note...: I've been reading
MaryAnn Johanson; her geek/dork/nerd installments are a crack-up too (and useful in brainstorming visual transitions for the project).

A friend suggested a narration or opening segment that overviews techi-geek images of the 80s/90s to present -- possibly in three segments ranging from "Revenge of the Nerds" as GEEK 1.0 to "War Games" as GEEK 2.0 to the dot-com bubble as GEEK 3.0 to the blogosphere's influence as GEEK 4.0 (...with maybe shooting quick shots of top blogs, Rathergate, etc for the blogosphere clip & quick shots of movie mags/articles for the movie titles)...all with a voiceover/maybe images of DC dubbed over?

I've started each interview by asking what stereotypes, if any, exist for the highly tech-centric folks -- following-up with how their computer-tech spouse supports or contradicts that stereotype. Interviews proceed from there.

When interviewing spouses of core computer/tech folks, what questions would YOU want to hear (or what answers would you crave?)?