Thursday, September 28, 2006

On the verge... of ConvergeSouth

Wow. So I'm traveling near Greensboro during the ConvergeSouth conference where Maryam Scoble & her Scobleizer will lead a discussion on making awesome e.g. "killer" blogs.


--registered just now.

How fun. The courses look useful (I'm quite the new blogger). And heck! ... I hope to meet some great folks and even techi types who may interview for the film. And if their spouses/partners are there and up for interviewing, all the better!

I'm learning a lot here on taking a risk and just goin' for it. Thanks to Sean for brainstorming on interviews, teaching the blogosphere, & acting on 'the thrill of the project.'

Kathy Baird, DC Web Women's prez, responded favorably to the documentary and invited me to a steering committee meeting + social event to better personalize the film project to members. --pumped! I interview Kerry Mounts the wife of ASEE's IT Manager this Saturday. Things are kickin' up.