Monday, September 25, 2006

Most recent trailer + storyline breakthrough (dance on tables!)

I LOVE THIS PROJECT and relish the chance to build all levels of production. Love it.

I've been in sales and a sales manager. Both taught about people, their motives as clients or employees, their strengths, their pitfalls -- and to navigate through all to achieve healthy, profitable relationships. I enjoyed the teamwork or management but often times, there would be components of the business that others would do so I could sell or supervise etc. That's efficient but it can limit one's sphere of development if one allows it.

With this documentary, I'm learning it ALL (or at least that which I know I don't know .. ha) -- the storyline development, the writing, editing (and the technical understanding involved).

I introduced the project to two community professionals: an officer of DC Web Women and Speerio's CEO and discussion leader for a DotNetNuke meetup (...who today, offered to provide interview referrals! I look forward to that communique unfolding).

As for carving it out, I'm using 5 macro themes on which to build the structure. I may look at key mates/couples and tell THEIR personal story - with beginning, middle, & end -- WITHIN the context of those themes. hmmmm...getting warmer...five themes specifically on how the computer savvy approach: romance, play, decisions, confrontation, money.

"The Corporation" - a bit muddled but revealing and my fave, "The Fog of War". Both own a heavier hand and subject matter but their influence on structure -- offering numerical chapters as a visual e.g. 11 lessons or 7 phases -- helped define my goal here.