Tuesday, September 05, 2006

CALL FOR INTERVIEWS ... in NY, DC, VA, MD (expect interview calls in more states soon!)

How you can help.

If you live with, date, or are married to someone in IT/computer technology (including everything from sys admin to web development to programming to telephony -- or even serious tech hobbyists), this documentary project needs your help.

Jill Foster, a filmmaker in Washington, DC, is producing a documentary which aims to transcend the Reagan-era stereotype of 'the geek' e.g. loner-math-guy-with-shirt-pens --- and to learn what the modern-day computer savvy or 'geek' is like (as viewed by their spouses, partners, or steady dates).

A range of online data and blogger opinion describes professional hacks as all over the personality map: either really smart (or too insulated), really focused (or distracted), predictable (or spontaneous). One online reference regarding hacker/computer-geek demographics says 60% of said people have a MBTI personality type in common - INTP.

But personal experience shared through interviews will drive this project -- not random statistics or generalized opinion. If the interviewees feel enough at ease, I hope they share how their relationship began & favorite aspects of their partnership whether it be romance, parenthood, sense of humor or even that special budget set aside for techi-geek gadgets. I'm game to listen to your 'geek' stories & favorite memories.

If you want to share your unique insight about your special IT someone, contact the film crew below:
...the film crew of one: Jill Foster, jillmfoster@gmail.com, 202/203-0255