Monday, September 04, 2006

Screaming on film

QUESTION: Are making generalizations helpful or not in a creative brainstorming process?

Beware of making generalizations

Documentary books (like Rosenthal's how-to piece) suggest being concisely clear on the purpose of one's documentary. So I should be careful I suppose with making generalized statements like "all computer hackers champion Open Source or drink Red Bull". Avoiding assumptions may seem obvious but in preparing a storyboard and interview questions, I realized my assumptions existed (& that would likely restrict the documentary).

Again, this will be based on interviews with computer geek spouses (...narrowing the definition of geeks to those who work with computers. They may also like sci-fi & YouTube & Linux but the core working definition for this project will stem from 'computer/IT professionals).

Producing a documentary from the ground-up

Is there passion for this idea - yep! Increasingly there are online observations (and of course not online) regarding the unique if not desireable characteristics of computer geeks as mates. Robert Scoble's wife, Maryam Scoble, has a funny take. Do I have equipment? Yes - 3 ccd dvd camcorder that's smaller than my cat but somehow makes good film...

Learning the structure of a documentary: well, outside of including three acts, interviews, and hopefully some humor -- this is all starting from step one.