Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Refined project goals: video series + feature-length documentary



With this project, the desire to go-go-go often overwhelms commitment to project benchmarks.

Enthusiasm is the spice of life but should be matched with structure to achieve steady production.


Writing down goals (again but now refined!) right now.

Short-term by Jan. 1:
Publish weekly video casts of 3 to 5 minute segments (...maybe titled 'Geeks This Week'). All based on geek-couple footage that's subject-centric (vs a conversational drift between many topics).

Longer-term (12 months or less):
Continue cutting footage toward the documentary, ideally to be a feature-length project of at least 40 minutes or more - which means I need to PUT IT in gear!

--would be collecting a suite of clips where the techi experts were women with domestic partners & then pitching that to the BlogHer conference planners. But that idea needs a whole lot more footage.

Happy photo by Andrew Swan.

Structure (in Singapore) by Uiruriamu.


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