Sunday, November 19, 2006

Mr. Clapton & living with geeks

So then I started winking,
Then I started thinking
That I really had a flash this time.
That I had no business leaving,
And nobody would be grieving;
You see I'm on Tulsa time

I stayed in Clapton's lyrical Oklahoma town this week with little blogosphere access.

It was a great trip where at least two project connections transpired:

a) discussed a Skype interview with Tony Boyd, a webmaster & former colleague of Sabeer Bhatia (the guy who sold to Microsoft for $400 million); Tony's wife unexpectedly had a client meeting so their audio-interview was re-scheduled and will occur post-Thanksgiving. I enjoyed talking briefly with Tony & better personalizing the film with him.

b) met Gail Hagerdon of Navigance Technologies Group; she referred me to her "geeky" boss, CEO Bob Jandebeur for a talk with him & his spouse.

My next steps are building off these connections and having 5 interviews in the pipeline within two weeks.


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