Wednesday, November 08, 2006

First video segment e.g. it ain't a trailer

Run time: app. 5 min

I love how Kelly remarks so clearly on her geek (sometimes bluntly but always with affection).

Now for the ridiculous qualifiers:
-it's a rough cut as in Lassie-come-home ruff ruff
-it's time to try narration or voice over (that's the next cut for this)
-pump up your volume (good ole YouTube conversion subtracts from audio quality)
-g'nite, sleepy sleepy peepy


Blogger Documama said...

Oh my God, I love it!! OK, I'm insanely biased. But I think that "Zeus striding across the landscape" imagery worked pretty well, don't you? ;)

I need to smile more (maybe lose some weight too!). :) And look to the camera a bit more.

Oh, wait, this isn't about me....(darn it).

The segment on how well he adapts (or doesn't) to change may need to be shortened a bit. I, of course, find it incredibly engaging (see "biased" above) but it may be too long to keep the viewers attention.


7:22 AM  
Blogger deannie said...

I loved it - didn't think it was too long. The Zeus striding across the landscape metaphor was awesome.

4:36 AM  

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