Saturday, November 25, 2006

Apple's service, iMovie, & the project's first female techi interviews for project

Just returned from Thanksgiving in Charlotte, NC. All was fantastic (heartburn heartburn heartburn). There's much to give thanks for; & the trip brought that point home.

Thanks very much for the varied insights to my recent experience with Apple's non-web customer service. The DVD-R format worked perfectly for burning my first short (...completion of which brought tears to the eyes - sappy but true). I cut it with Apple's iMovie, which has been a good first-step program for smaller projects. In the next 12 months, I aspire to train on Final Cut Pro.


Next-up for this week's interview pipeline:
-following up with Tony Boyd & his wife in Silicon Valley;
-meeting with DC Web Women's technical director & her husband (the project's first female 'geek' to participate);
-securing a Skype interview with Navigance's CEO-&-spouse

May all be excellent your way.


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