Monday, October 23, 2006

Using the web enables your documentary

I so love my project blog even if only my husband & folks read it. ...Ok maaaaaybe a wider audience would trip my trigger.

But this blog helps focus & refine direction. Updating it pushes me to conquer that sense of idea-possessiveness e.g. that suffocating angst where 'no one can have my idea therefore no one can criticize it'. This blog helps move past that self absorption and onto - ideally - gaining useful feedback from readership.

...a way to exchange ideas & grow the project.

Docs Interactive, apart of GWU's Documentary Center, makes a good point on how a web presence can help spark buzz and awareness for a film project or concept.

I think 'blog' is a more current, applicable term for this article's premise; but I say 'web' for this post since the article's authors rely on that usage. I found the documentary sites referenced in it useful (as well as the emphasis on filmmaker responsibility when finding an audience).

I interview both Kelly & her geek-spouse early November. The footage should be more well-rounded by portraying spouses independent from and together with their mates.


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