Thursday, October 19, 2006

Maryam & Robert Scoble interview: the boss, budget, & third character in their marriage

...a symbol for the Scoble interview.

And possibly I've reached overkill on ConvergeSouth's banana pudding served so yummily, divinely, graciously at David Hoggard's home.

I'm a new gal 'cuz of it.

But here's the thing: when making the rush log for the Scobles' interview this week, it's clear how much joy, and I mean joy, that stuff brought Robert Scoble. And Maryam. And me.

Despite the Scoble interview being a blast, in auditing it these few days -- it's also revealed how I could better handle my next interview (either with them or anyone else).


-Keep questions short; suppress prefacing
-make the interviewees feel at ease & natural but don't over affiliate to the point your (my) remarks interfere with the continuity of their replies.
-don't interrupt
-fearlessly ask 'why'

Despite the imperfect direction during the whole thing, the Scoble footage reveals four core, usable subjects for the video cast:

a) their shared affection -- it comes across as a third character in their relationship e.g. him, her, & the fondness expressed in their smiles. So it sounds like a soupy romance novel. I'm tellin' ya, the truth shines through;
b) who the boss is;
c) if they do or do not stay within their tech-gadget family budget;
d) banana pudding

I like their company logo; is it ok to use it briefly during a clip transition?
...shall ponder and research. Using head-shots, images, facts on their blogs appeal to me for introducing them before each subject-driven clip.

The first cut of their interview footage will include three, main transition dividers: HE (with Robert's photo, # of Scobleizer blog hits daily or monthly or such data); SHE (Maryam's photo, her crowning day as a featured MSN Spaces blogger); and THEY (their hugging, their company logo...transitioning to the core relationship topics of what it's like living with King Geek e.g. the Scobleizer).


Blogger Documama said...

I would say, though, that if you are exploring the *world* of living with geeks, many many "geek families" do not rotate around geekiness. It's one aspect of the relationship, but not the central aspect of the marriage.

Of all the geek couples I can think of, the non-geek is just as strong and interesting but not rotating around the "sun" of the geekiness like an adoring planet.

They adore their geeks but they have learned that the whole sun/planet/rotation thing flat-out doesn't work.

The third character in their relationships -- in any good relationship -- is the relationship.

3:31 AM  
Anonymous Andy Coon said...

I'm sorry I forgot to give you some pointers on interviewing...
1) Never ask a yes or no question
2) Try not to answer your own question when asking it.
3) Best way to get someone to talk is using these..."Tell me ____" "Explain how that made you feel."
4) Always be silent... You'd be amazed how much information will be revealed in silence. Not too much of course, but never interrupt.

That's great that you can see what you need to work on. Sounds like you are having fun with this process. And you should...

10:44 AM  

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