Thursday, October 05, 2006

Interviewing & the gender factor

A friend brought up an interesting point. So far, the interview subjects e.g. computer geek spouses have been female with all computer 'geeks' being male. My friend Elisabeth suggested analyzing potential differences on how male & female computer techs (...geeks) spend their non-professional time. She wonders if the female 'geeks' invest as much recreational tech time as the males. Do female geeks marginalize their computer-tech interests to do other stuff like handling domestic chores, children, etc?

Interesting. So far, the male geeks observed by their mates spend "multiple hours" of home time online or tinking w/ computers. None of the couples so far have children living at home but most aren't parents.

I wonder how clearer data can be garnered through my interviewing without the question being a leading one. Maybe rely on the good 'ole "if any" qualification e.g 'how much time - if any - do you spend outside of work on computers, programming, etc?'

I haven't interviewed spouses/partners of female computer techs yet but hope to through DC Web Women in the next month.

--Still irked w/ myself for the whole camera shot issue for the most recent interviews. But alas, to live is to learn & that damn well applies to camera work too.


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