Thursday, October 05, 2006

Docs In Progress provides effective forum

In my quest to learn the basics of documentary production (beyond how NOT to break equipment on a monthly basis...), I sought what looked to be the perfect event tonight in DC.

And it was. GWU's Documentary Center sponsors the Docs In Progress bi-monthly film critique. During the (3) hour event, the hosts -- founders of the program Adele Schmidt & Erica Ginsberg -- screen a few documentaries currently being produced but not in finished form. Then the projects' filmmakers are introduced to the audience & proceed to discuss the works with everyone.

--very useful & interactive. I admire the filmmakers who put their work on the chopping block & welcome live feedback.

MAIN POINTS ADDRESSED (familiar but written lists are a fine thing!):

PIVOT the documentary around a compelling story & complex characters

KNOW your audience

DON'T shy away from narrating a work; it could add needed clarity & cohesion

...AND THE GOLD-MEDAL BIT: Films are made by do-it-yourself initiative & 'verve' more so than extensive, formalized education. Documentary fan & event attendee, Amardy, underscored this & I agree with her. The fact she has a grad degree in the field made her statement that much more meaningful.

However, GWU offers an attractive, & apparently rare, program for non-fiction filmmaking -- one that I'd like to eventually, seriously look at.


Blogger Nick Fitzgerald said... already knew those "main points they brought forth" right? :D

8:00 AM  
Blogger Jill M. Foster said...

Nick, Nick the smirky jab but give project feedback. Looks like you're a techi so what do you think on the emerging story arc, the theme in general? And who would you - as a tech-centric guy - want to see interviewed for the project?

8:11 AM  
Blogger Nick Fitzgerald said...

hei! thanks for that!
But hmm..i dont think i should be part of the interview.
OOps! sorry! im like a ..a kid..perhaps 21..and defenitly the spouse factor is null.
Thanks! And keep up the good job! Keep posting on the developments.
Love the work.Love for the moment.

[re: TechEncore.blogspot]

3:35 AM  

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