Tuesday, October 17, 2006

ConvergeSouth & Scoble's link love e.g. giving is receiving when it comes to good blogs

Maryam Scoble gives link love to ConvergeSouth women and the good 'ole men as well. Thanks to her for the kind words & perspective on the project.

Link love was cited as a strong factor in Maryam's 'How to make a killer blog' talk at ConvergeSouth (presented with her geek-man Robert Scobleizer Scoble).

I liked their emphasis on this point.

As an amateur-but-passionate filmmaker, the blogosphere continues to be a major tool in learning from other filmmakers & bloggers in the tech industry. Linking to their helpful blogs just seems neighborly let alone a tool to compile blogged sources for my reference here (like mom & dad say: remember where you came from). By linking to them, they get their appropriate 'due' but I also have a type of roster for future use (to invite folks' opinion on rough cuts, interview tacts, etc).


Blogger deannie said...

I really appreciated your questions and comments during ConvergeSouth. I don't know why I was so shy to talk to more folks, I will do better next year. I am TOTALLY intrigued by your project! I do have a lot of opinions about geeks (by virtue of being one and having been married to one). I will have to read your blog more to come up to speed.

Have you experienced trouble doing trackbacks in blogger? I have noticed it just doesn't seem to work, not sure why.

3:49 AM  

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