Monday, September 11, 2006

First interview (success + lessons learned)

DONE!...interview #1 went down today. Thanks to friend Kelly B (see vlog thoughts). She gave useful tips on interview referrals, tacts to the project, definition of audience, and making the call to interview notice more accessible.

Main take-aways on how to interview in this setting: keep the questions simple vs preface-filled; take the time (10 or 15 mintues) to set up the camera and test sound in front of the subject -- it creates more casual time between interviewer and subject. Granted, being conscious of the interviewee's schedule is needed and respectful. And well before filming, discuss the project and the interviewee's role in it.

Potential storyline: a user guide to living with geeks.

Another mic may be a good investment before Sept 30, the next interview.


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